Apr 17, 2011

We started playing League of Legends

This game is amazing we really love it we so PWN in 5v5!!! The game is like a drug its really awesome!
You can try the game from here: CLICK ME FOR AWESOMENESS!
It's like DOTA but its more fun the games just went out of BETA and the best part is that it is FREE <3 yey! We all love free things!
You take the role of a powerful Summoner who has Masteries, Spells, Runes and the power to control Champions (Heroes).
In the game you can buy more Champions with Influence Points, you earn them when you play... Every week there are 10 free to play Champions.

For PC users Signup and Download from here
for Mac users signup here and Download from here

Champions we play:
Borkou: Akali
Leizer: Mordekeizer
Noex: Shaco
B-real: Phanteon
Void: Nocturne

Hope you like the games it's awesome!


  1. nooo.. you will never be able to stop!

  2. Great gameplay for this one, played it a lot of hours and its simply great.

  3. I downloaded this but thankfully managed to never really get into it. I know I'd be addicted if I did.

  4. will try that, thanks for post :)

  5. Ok im going to try it right now since I have some good free time!

  6. I'll take a gander later, time permitting.

  7. I need to get to playing it.

  8. are those ingame graphics? looks really good

  9. Never got into LOL, more of a SC2/WOW fgt