Nov 25, 2010

My first Blog

Hey guys ... that's my first blog ever. I'm not realy sure what to write about ... my day or what i like to do in my freetime. Maybe I will start with a little introduction.

LFGFS is our band name. We are 5 boys ( Leizer, Noex, Void, Borkou and B-Real) , playing mostly Rock and some Metal ... We haven't wrote any song yet, but soon maybe we will and add em here. We started as Guitar Hero players .. we liked it so we thought "Why not a real band?" and we did it.

We also play alot of Computer games. Mostly everything Blizzard makes... All of us like different kinds of games...
Me (Leizer) and Noex play mostly WoW ... and we are extreamly exited about Cataclysm
B-Real plays all kinds of games..not realy sure what's his favourite.
Void plays DOTA on WC3 all the time, he's from the people that think that DOTA is the real name of the game.
Borkou has HTC Legend ... he's all about that phone!

So this is it for now ... maybe I will write about Cataclysm or Magic The Gathering later.

Bye world!

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